Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Sewing table and end table

I got a REALLY awesome purchase. My in-laws gave Mike and me a cash gift for our anniversary. 100 each. YOWSA. Perfect timing- our Wal-Mart is closing out their fabric department- so of course what does Wal-Mart do? DISCOUNT!!!!!! AMAZING deals- I got yards and yards of ribbon- CUTE ribbon- for like 12 cents a yard! I got fabric for a quilt (fabric that I had previously seen, wanted, but wouldn’t buy because of the price); I got fabric for some aprons, some presents, and for doll clothes. SO EXCITING- I spent I think almost 40 dollars total and got a haul. THEN, I got a closet hanger extender, much needed- so happy. THEN- I went to value village and thought I’d look around- what do I find? An amazing desk- L-shaped, with laminated type counter tops. Perfect for a sewing table. I have a sewing table- but it’s HUGE, HEAVY, and need I say HUGE again? It’s just way too big- takes up way too much space- so this is just wonderful- so we got rid of the old- and moved in the new- it was 25 dollars- but I had a coupon that brought it down to 20. So it was a spendy littler bugger, but worth it. THEN- I went to the dollar store and I bought packs of plastic cups and custard cups- got some wood from the Heidimans-(they had extra) and I screwed them onto a piece of wood- to hold all my stuff- My other desk had drawers- this one doesn’t- so I had to find a place for all my junk, like glue sticks, crayons, markers, screws, nails etc. So I screwed them on- and labeled them and I just LOVE it. So cute and organized. I just wish I knew I were going to be doing this- because then I would have coordinated my boards that I JUST did, so they don’t match- anyway- it’s totally awesome- but I haven’t even gotten to sew on it yet because I’ve been working so MUCH! I have been working so much, and whenever they need someone to cover extra hours they call me- so I haven’t had any free time. I would like to have the desk out in the family room, and I could just put the smaller couch in the sewing room where the desk is- but Mike said it would look ugly. I just like being out in the family room- I feel a part of the world- there’s sun shining through the window- the sewing room is just gloomy.

While I was there I also spotted a really cute end table. We’ve been needing one for the family room- has really cool carvings and shape- so I’m going to paint it the green of the hutch or the blue in the frames- can’t decide which- Amy Heidiman pointed out though that all my furniture is black- but I don’t know. Anyway- I’m so excited to paint it- except now I have the anxiety of “gotta brush up on my Spanish”.


Lizzie said...

Holy smokes. I could stare at your sewing table and cups/organizational things all day!!! I love it!!! It looks like it's out of a magazine. I want it in my house. The aprons are ADORABLE and the dolls are SO STINKING CUTE!!! I sometimes wonder if you got most of the talent in the family. Love you!!!!!

Danielle and Clayton said...

Amen to Lizzie. Seriously, you have so much talent in you it's INSANE! I saw your cup/organizer things for all your little things like crayons and what not- and honest to goodness thought, oh my gosh- where'd she get the money to buy that stuff?! That is soooo cool! Come to find out, you MADE IT! of course. Should've known. I love it! I wish I had a room for sewing and craft stuff. That is SUCH a good idea- I am so doing that right when i have an extra room for that kind of stuff. You are so amazing- really. I love you!!!

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, what a difference. I am so happy for you. And yes, I did see the apron. I love the ruffles. It was SO GOOD to talk to you last night. I hated getting off, but I had to. I love you.