Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chair so far:

I thought I'd add a printed piping to give it a little something since I'm just doing plain. Plus I figured if I did white piping, it would get dirty, and I wouldn't be able to wash it like I can with my slip covers.

I was almost finished with the cushion and ready to do the back pillow when ofcourse what happens? My sewing machine's timing is off- the needing is running into the metal bobbin holder instead of where it is supposed to go- uhhhhhhhh- so now I have to spend money to get it fixed, AND wait days to get it back while I stare at this chair, knowing the cushion was minutes away from being done. Uhhhhhh. Oh well, i figure I can paint the legs, and take apart the other chair while I wait. So frustrating.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

chair reuphostering- what colors?

I have cream couches, with the green big pillows. I will have 2 chairs to reupholster- what color?
I think this one would go nicely with the green- and I have frames in this color also-

these are 2 different yellows-

Next question- should I cover the chairs and big pillows on couch one neutral color of blue- and then do accent pillows in a print? that I can switch out? OR- Do a blue print on the chairs and match my big pillows with it? with mustard accent pillows? But then I'd be committed to those prints for awhile. OR- I can just do the chairs in the light blue that would match with what I already have- so confused! I'd love to do the chairs in mustard but Mike says absolutely not- it would be "barfalicious". But he said he could do mustard accent pillows in the corners- Help?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Applique Quilt- Finally DONE!

The back is so soft and cuddly
I told Mike if he ever needed to wipe his hands on something, or pick some "you know whats" from his nose- it is NOT TO BE WIPED ON THIS QUILT!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Christmas Sign

So I made I sign with my cricut. The letters are from the sticky vinyl I cut out with my cricut- pretty cool! I used crackle paint with the sign to make it old looking.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easter cards with cricut, Class cards, and birthday banner

These are some Easter cards I made with the cricut:

These are some birthday banners I made with the cricut, one for boys one for girls:

These are the cards I made in class- I'll start out with what they look like closed, and then what they look like opened, and then the cards I made on my own at home:

So this is what I made at home:

Ok, this is the next one I made in class:

So this is what I made at home:

Ok, so this is another one I made in class : (I think all the ones in class are so ugly)
So then you pull on the ribbons, and gradually you see these other papers:

I haven't made any of that one at home yet.
And these are just more cards I made at home: