Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally DONE

This has been laying around for a long time, and I finally broke down and put the binding on it. UHHHHHH FINALLY DONE. CHECK OFF THE LIST. I still need to wash and dry it so it can shrink up and get wrinkly but I wanted to take a picture anyway. I hand quilted it, and picked fabrics that looked older, I wanted it to look like it came from scraps. Anyway- today I get the binding, and I'm debating between two different colors, and I'm leaning towards the brown, and the lady at the counter says "oh, just go ahead and pick the brown, (like it was a bad choice) it's more you." "what is that supposed to mean?" "well you know, you like weird stuff." hmmm,,, I happen to like my style, plus she complimented my quilt, so I'm thinking, "you like my quilt, and I made that! I put the colors together!" Those Joann ladies...uhhhhh....

Monday, March 23, 2009

My dresses!

So, this was a dress that I finished awhile ago, but haven't worn it yet, because it's been rainy and gross outside, but I've decided to just go ahead and wear it. This was a more spendy dress. it was originally 14.99 a yard, clearanced to 8 dollars a yard, 50% off- 4 dollars a yard- and i got 2 1/2 yards of it, so it was 10 dollars, but my mom paid for it when she came to visit, so it was free! I'm really excited to wear it. Kind of has a hippy vibe to it. And the fabric is stretchy if you can't tell. I already had a pattern for it. So that was nice.

I love this dress: total cost: $2.62. I've loved this fabric ever since I saw it at 9.99 a yard. Then it went clearanced 5.00, then 50% off clearance, 2.50, then 30% of total purchase. But that's not why I love it. I love the style. I've been wanting a dress like this for a long time, but most of them that are affordable, are too short. I am so inlove with this dress and I can't wait to wear it to church. It doesn't have a zipper because the neck is big enough to fit over, without the belt, it's just kind of a loose bag on me. I am so pleased with this dress. I actually need to hem the sleeves, but I just couldn't wait to take a picture. Also, this was originally a shirt pattern I had, and i just made it longer, because I didn't want to buy a pattern. I'd had the fabric for quite some time, but couldn't figure out what to make out of it, originally I was going to make a top, but I'm so glad I didn't, and made this dress. I love it.