Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cloth Grocery bags

Ok, so I'm going to admit, I'm not doing this to save the earth, so don't give me undeserved respect. With the whole fuss about "saving the earth" one bag at a time, I have been observing cloth grocery bags. They are so much better comfort wise! I hate carrying my bag of cans, almost dropping them, with a hole getting bigger and bigger. I hate plastic bags that always get holes in them; cloth bags don't stretch, or get holes, they are sturdy and strong, and have handles!!!! So- I made 5 grocery bags out of a light blue canvas material that I got from Joann's, 50 percent off of 4.00, making it 2 dollars a yard, then an employee discount of 30% off- making it, $1.40 a yard! And this was 63 wide fabric, even better! So I made 5 grocery bags the size of Winco brown bags with handles, and left enough fabric left over to make some small pillows for my couches that will coordinate perfectly with that room. I've already used them at the grocery store and at the library, I loved it!