Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aliese's Birthday present

I made these cards for Aliese my niece (12) for her birthday. She loves stationary, and likes to write letters, so with my new cricut, I thought it'd be fun. I love the castle one.
And this one I gave to her as her birthday card- all cut out with the cricut


Monday, February 1, 2010

Mike's Hat, Flower Quilt, desk front view, and cards!

So- Mike has been watching war movies and survival movies/shows etc. and he decided he wanted a hat with a flag on it, his blood type and name. He bought a flag patch, owned his name tag from a bullet proof vest he had to wear on his mission, and bought the hat, I sewed the patch and name on, and then I embroidered with my machine his blood type, he LOVES it. Why this man doesn't join the military is a mystery to me, but I guess that's his deal.

I had requests for a front view of my desk- problem is a few feet away from it is a wall of windows, so I couldn't back up enough to take the pic- so this was the best I could do.
I screwed the tins on the desk. Question: Do you think it makes my desk look tacky now? I wanted the desk to look nice, so I can have it out in the open but still look somewhat nice, now I am worried the tins make it look cheap or crappy.... comments?

Card I made for my mom- LOVE this paper, and I have many more to come, but I don't want to display them until these people have received their cards :)
Inside of card- I was able to cut out that hat with my cricut- I LOVE my cricut The BLESSED flower quilt. So this is as Amy (my neighbor, no this is not Mike typing, he did not make this quilt :) this is the quilt that Amy and I have jokingly referred to our BFF quilt, because we were both at joanns- found an adorable quilt book, fell INLOVE with this one, and decided to make it, and try to find the exact fabrics, so it could look JUST like the picture. And I have to tell you- it pretty much looks the same! I should take a picture of the quilt book pic. Anyway- we started it, got half the flowers done, and then I got cancer, and moved. SO- Amy would visit me at chemo, show me the update on her quilt, and then we'd compare eachother's and ofcourse Amy, being who she is, would ask a nurse, "so, who's do you like better?" SO- during chemo treatments, I would work on it 2 days before my next treatment when I was feeling better, so the rest of the quilt was gradually made through my entire cancer. Then, this week I finally finished the rest- Now I have to quilt it. I don't know if I want to do it by hand or machine, I love the look of hand quilting, but hate doing it! We'll see. I absolutely LOVE this quilt, and never want to do applique again :) But ofcourse I have already been brainstorming some other applique quilt ideas, and have told Mike to not let me do any more applique, it is so tedious- but I love the look. And now for the cards- The Winegardners- Nate, Brooke, Dave and Marie, bought me some "cancer is over gifts" They got me some new paper, and money to buy stamps, and some cricut cartridges and a card making class, I haven't been to the class yet- but anyway- with my money, I bought this quote, butterfly stamps, and bird stamps, so anyway- here are some cards I made.