Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Gift for Megan

Well, I had Megan's fam for Christmas this year, I painted and distressed this frame for them, with the option of either pic. Too hard for me to decide which.

Then with my magical cricut, I cut out these baby images and made these frames. LOVE THEM. Can't wait to make them for my nursery and anybody else's in their colors. Megan's colors are red, white and black for her nursery.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cards for the kids and cute story

SO- after I left Lizzie's house awhile ago- Kate had drawn me a picture that i forgot to bring home. So she sent it to me in the mail. SO cute. Anyway- so I thought I would write her back, since she was thoughtful enough to "write" me. So I made her a cricut card of me and her, (not posted, didn't take a pic) of realistic outfits we really would wear, along with hair, holding hands. WELL, turned out she loved it, and so she immediately "wrote" me again, so I would send her another card. When Tanner saw the card....:) haha- ofcourse he was inspired to write me a card in hopes that he would also get one in return, apparently the cards were out in the mail within 2 hours of getting my card. haha. So I got them this last weekend, and I made them these cards- I loved making them, and I have a feeling I will be getting another card from them shortly :) Rebecca, if you're reading this- I will do this for your girls too if they write me.
A funny note, I talked to kate on the phone and she said "all the clothes are ripped off", and I'm like- why? and she said- "I don't know". So I get on the phone with Lizzie, and she said Tanner and his friend ripped off all the clothes, hair, and asserories, and I think they might have ripped off the arms too, not sure about that though-when Kate wasn't around. It made Kate sad ofcourse, but it still made me laugh imagiing them thinking it woudl be so funny to take it all apart. Anyway- I'm thinking about bringing the cricut to the family reunion.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

practice dress

Ok, I REALLY wanted to write- "look at the dress I made" but- I'm too prideful to let anyone think I might truly wear this in public. One of my friends said she glanced at my blog the other day an thought I was serious about my silly hair due because she hadn't read the actual blog. But wouldn't have that been really funny?

Ok, so- this is a dress I want to make out of a different fabric. My mom did this with all our prom dresses, made a practice one to adjust everything, then cut into the real deal. I didn't want to mess up on this dress, so I decided to do a practice dress. It really cracks me up how the baskets of flowers ended up being perfectly centered without me meaning to do that. Even the collar part of the dress matches with the basket of flowers on the main dress- haha. And please ignore my lovely hair due in this pic. That back zipper part needs to be tucked in- I didn't hem anything.
Ok- I'm not trying to show off my boobs, BUT because this fabric is so busy, it's hard to tell that the collar is SOOOOOOOo awesome! The best part!

So I'm going to make the real thing in an olive green fake suede type fabric. And then I'm going to spray paint shoes to match in the same color. I HOPE the real deal turns out as good. I have to line the real deal, and I am soooooo not a pro at that. I'm so tempted to just turn over all the seams and not do lining, but then it will look ..... homemade. So I must have patience and endure the lining. I'm really excited about this pattern. The only thing though- is if I want it fitted I should probably have a LITTLE stretch to the fabric, and mine only has the tiniest stretch, sooooooo we'll see.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

made a shirt!

So, from piperline (sister company of banana republic, gap etc) are these new shirts, that are the baggier look, with bigger armpits. I really like them. But they are...... 61 dollars

195 dollars

77 dollars

48 dollars

128 dollars

99 dolars

So I decided to make my own, for 4 dollars

I made this shirt today. It took me 3 hours, that included cutting out the pattern pieces, cutting out the fabric and sewing the shirt. SO- that means now that I KNOW how to make it, and have the pattern cut out- I'll be able to make it in probably an hour. It has 3 different top options. There's the flower, or plan, or a flouncy top, where it's hanging. It's a baggier style of a shirt- it's supposed to be baggy- does it look like it's supposed to be that way? Or does it look like I'm wearing a shirt that's too big? It's perfect for leggings. And it's comfortable. I want to learn how to make one that is more fitted in the armpits- but I haven't found a pattern yet. The thing that's nice about this pattern is the neck band is unfinished, it's kind of flouncy too, so it doesn't have to be PERFECT. I would like to try a finished band though and see how that turns out. Mike comes home- I'm all excited, I pose for him, and he gets this big smile/surprised look, "wow". "Do you like it?" He stares at the flower, points to it "what is this?" "a flower!" "oh. Why?" "BECAUSE THAT'S IN STYLE RIGHT NOW!" "Oh. Well, was it nice to sew?" "yeah it was". "That's good, I'm glad you could do that". Oh Mikey, he will get used to it though- he's already getting used to the headbands.

I want to find some striped fabric, and try some different neck lines, and pocket possibilities. Anyway- it was nice to sew, I haven't for awhile.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Head Bands

I've already posted this on my other blog- I just wanted it in my creative space, cause eventually I will make a book and I want them in it. These are 3 headbands I made- thanks to my sister Danielle and Lizzie. Lizzie made headbands for her baby, so I learned how to do the flower from her, (but I ended up doing them a little different) and Danielle thought of making headbands for us, like the ones you see in the stores. SO- I went to Claire's, purchased 6 different styles, and bought plush suede fabric from Joann's, a pack of feathers for 1.99, and a pack of headbands from walmart for 2.45, and I made these awesome headbands that I love! (and then returned the claire's headbands) I wore this to church- I got so many compliments on my hair and the flower. It made me feel so good, because I can't do alot with my hair, and it's getting longer, and curlier! But not long enough to put it back or clip it back, so- it's so nice to have something to jazz up my hair. I LOVE IT! So many young women complimented it and asked to learn how to make it. I want to teach them how for mutual some time. k- sorry this is really braggy, but I'm really excited.

The green one- I love this one. I should make a green dress with a pink belt and wear pink shoes the color of the feather- that would be cool.
And, I didn't take a pic with the fuchsia one, cause you get the picture- but aren't they so fun? I have way more fabric and feathers, and headbands- so I'm going to make more, I just haven't gotten around to it. I'm really excited to make more though. I just have to figure out a way to store them, I don't want the flowers getting smashed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Shower Stuff

This is the Baby Shower Banner I made for Megan's Baby shower.
This is her baby shower invite: I made them all a tiny different, but same idea

I ended up having to buy some regular invites because I ran out of the rain cloud paper- Megan ended up invited ALOT of people! I'm really excited, it should be a really big turn out.
This was the original card I made for the invite- but we all agreed it alluded to the idea of the baby already being born, so I didn't do it- but I thought it was so cute I wanted to share!

I'm really excited for the shower, it's next Wednesday, and I've never thrown one before- so hopefully I do I good job. If you have any great baby shower ideas for games let me know. We are going to do the diaper game, but I also wanted a shorter game to play before that.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm in LOVE! I'm in LOVE and I DON'T care who knows it!!!!!!!!

Have to once again, give a shout out to "All Things Thrifty" (link on my other blog) and Danielle, for teaching me how to glaze!!!!!!!!!!!!! And giving me the great idea to do this! I can't tell you enough how much I love my mirror and table!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have the greatest camera, so if you can't tell the mirror is green, kind of a yellowy green. Learn how to glaze on "All things thrifty"