Monday, October 4, 2010

Cards for the kids and cute story

SO- after I left Lizzie's house awhile ago- Kate had drawn me a picture that i forgot to bring home. So she sent it to me in the mail. SO cute. Anyway- so I thought I would write her back, since she was thoughtful enough to "write" me. So I made her a cricut card of me and her, (not posted, didn't take a pic) of realistic outfits we really would wear, along with hair, holding hands. WELL, turned out she loved it, and so she immediately "wrote" me again, so I would send her another card. When Tanner saw the card....:) haha- ofcourse he was inspired to write me a card in hopes that he would also get one in return, apparently the cards were out in the mail within 2 hours of getting my card. haha. So I got them this last weekend, and I made them these cards- I loved making them, and I have a feeling I will be getting another card from them shortly :) Rebecca, if you're reading this- I will do this for your girls too if they write me.
A funny note, I talked to kate on the phone and she said "all the clothes are ripped off", and I'm like- why? and she said- "I don't know". So I get on the phone with Lizzie, and she said Tanner and his friend ripped off all the clothes, hair, and asserories, and I think they might have ripped off the arms too, not sure about that though-when Kate wasn't around. It made Kate sad ofcourse, but it still made me laugh imagiing them thinking it woudl be so funny to take it all apart. Anyway- I'm thinking about bringing the cricut to the family reunion.