Friday, September 18, 2009

Applique quilt

The quilt is obviously crooked from the printer- it's not supposed to be crooked.

Amy and I are are working on this adorable quilt. This is a picture of the picture of the final outcome! We are trying to copy the fabrics because we like the quilt just how it is. There's a few fabrics we couldn't find so we improvised. We just do a block at a time when we feel like it. I'm really excited about it- it's applique and I have never done applique.


I made this sign awhile ago but never posted it. I made it for Rebecca. I asked her what she wanted it to say and she wanted it like the one I already have, but antiqued. This is my first time antiquing- I know the pics aren't great- but the close up gives you an idea. I also like how big it is- I want one that big- mine is much smaller.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I made a pillow!

SO- this is my first time doing multiple letters. I had to eyeball each word- I couldn't figure out how to have it do the whole thing continuously. So i had to start over with each word. I'm sure there's a way to do it better- but I don't know how yet. I was thinking about giving this to Anna.

Embroidery letters on machine

The first one, I was going to put "Amy is cool!" BUT- I ran out of bobbin, and I didn't want to refill it.
The Innitials- first I did the black, and white bobbin,- which didn't fill out the letters enough- so I tried it with the same color bobbin and spool, and then it filled out like I wanted it to.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Uhhhhh, so exciting! This was something I told myself "not until babies, or out of college" But now with my free time, I thought I would read through the manuals. Can i add that my sisters read cookbooks how I read sewing manuals. I read it like chapter book. Anyway- I cuoldn't resist I had try it. So ofcourse the first time I mess up- I accidently have 2 rows of grass, different colors. This is because I messed up- but didn't want to start over, so I just kept teh second row in the picture, even though it doesn't belong there- but the REAL picture covered most of it up anyway. Anyway- Here is my very first embroidery on the machine- I'm so excited for this- I am goign to do quilts, baby clothes, stockings, napkins and aprons- I'm so excited!!!!!