Sunday, September 7, 2008


So these are my latest projects- dolls. Now I was thinking about giving this one to Kate- so Lizzie: should I add the ribbon around the waist, or not? I originally made the a whole other doll, but mom said she thought she'd like a more babyish doll. So anyway- here is the ribbon- which one do you think she would like better? AND- if you don't think she would like her at all- it WON'T hurt my feelings at all. I also put my hand next to her to give you an idea of how big the doll is.

I think it's really cute with the ribbon, but that makes her look more like a girl than a baby- so that's why I thought I'd ask. Like I said- it WON'T hurt my feelings at all, if you don't think she'll like her, I'd rather give her to someone else or save her for my future children, don't worry about hurting my feelings. I just enjoy making them.

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Sharon/mom said...

I think they are sooooo cute!! I love them all!