Thursday, January 22, 2009

Made a skirt!

The fabric for this skirt was originally 10 dollars a yard, clearanced to 5 dollars, then clearance went 50% off, then an addition 10% off total purchase, so the fabric cost me $2.25. Then I got some lining for 1 dollar, so realy 90 cents. The zipper was the spendy item- somewhere arounf 3- but with a 50% coupon a dollar something. Pretty cool. I made up the flouncy part- the pattern for it I mean, obviously I didn't make up the idea! I already had the pattern for the skirt, but I wanted to do something a little more fun than plain Jane, - I love this skirt. And it's funny because teh fabric was one of those kinds where at first glance you think, "euw that's ugly," but then you give it a second look in that stack of fabrics and invision the future of a cute skirt, and suddenly- you find a treaure in a pile of ugly fabrics. And the skirt totally matches my glasses! Pink and black.

This picture reminds me of mom, she always does back views. And it always looks so funny looking at a picture of someone facing a wall, like they're being punished.