Friday, September 12, 2008


I found the fabric for this dress in the clearance section. 4 dollars a yard- waited until the clearance went 50% off- making it 2 dollars a yard. I only needed 2 yards. Plus my employee discount 15% so I this dress only cost me $3.40. Anyway- I LOVE this dress. I really love those long summer dresses to the floor- but they're all halter tops- so I made this one- I love it.


Danielle and Clayton said...

Oh my gosh Amy- I love this dress SO MUCH! I have wanted a long dress like that so badly. I love love love it! Did you create the pattern yourself? If not, was it a hard pattern? You're so talented. Oh- and I LOVE the aprons! So cute!!!!!!!!!! You are so amazing! I love you!

Chad and Jessica said...

Wow, that is so pretty, and I bet it's even better in person. I agree, I love the maxi dresses. (full length halter dresses) They look SO comfortable. That fabric is great too. What a steal! So many people are going to compliment you at church....and then you can brag about what an amazing seamstress you are!

Sharon/mom said...

very cute, you're amazing!!!! love you!