Friday, September 12, 2008

My apron

So- Rebecca made me an apron for my wedding, and I LOVE it, and I wear it everyday when i eat, (because I'm so clumsy) and ofcourse when I cook, so it gets dirty alot- I decided I wanted more like it- I bought a pattern, and ofcourse it wasn't what i wanted so i took it back and I just copied the pattern from my sister's apron. I LOVE IT. I tried to make it look retro- hence the bright blue- I really love it. THEN- I also made a little kid apron-which I still need to put pockets and some ruffles on, (but I was too excited so I had Ahna put it on). I made a little kid one because Ahna comes over and makes cookies alot and she gets so dirty, and when Ruby my niece used to live here- she made cookies with me alot too- and she would get dirty- so I decided- I don't care if I don't have any children- I need a little kid apron! I really love this apron because it doesn't weigh on my neck- it lays nicely on my shouldders- and I don't even have to tie it in the back- it's perfect. And by the way- the fabric was 2 dollars a yard- 50% off- 1 dollar- then 30% off special employee discount so it was only 70 cents! I paid more for the piping/tape than I did for the fabric!


Lima Bean said...

LOVE the apron. Very vintage and awesome. Do you want to make me one? :-)

Megan and Greg said...

looks great! such detail! I love the dress too!

Sharon/mom said...

that is just way to cute, and I have a b-day coming! I love you!! and the little kid apron! how lucky they are!

Courtenay Beth said...

Oh amy, so so so cute AND creative! I love hwat a bargain you get on your fabrics for your creations! I LOVE the Aprons!!! Remember the special plastic christmas apron you used to wear? This one is infinately cuter! (Not that the red one wasn't... :-)) AND your dress is gorgeous!!! I have a few long summer dresses, but none as classy and cute as yours! I love it, plus you look like a BABE!!! Also, Happy Anniversary!!! What a cute husband you have to get you roses! Well, we picked out stephs wedding dress and put a down payment's THE cutest thing you've ever seen, SO her!
Well, I love you! AND you inspire me to do creative things...AND I have a brand new nephew born just tonight, an hour and a half ago...Oliver Nathan Mitchell...I'll blog about him when I snap a pic! How's that for news?