Tuesday, September 21, 2010

made a shirt!

So, from piperline (sister company of banana republic, gap etc) are these new shirts, that are the baggier look, with bigger armpits. I really like them. But they are...... 61 dollars

195 dollars

77 dollars

48 dollars

128 dollars

99 dolars

So I decided to make my own, for 4 dollars

I made this shirt today. It took me 3 hours, that included cutting out the pattern pieces, cutting out the fabric and sewing the shirt. SO- that means now that I KNOW how to make it, and have the pattern cut out- I'll be able to make it in probably an hour. It has 3 different top options. There's the flower, or plan, or a flouncy top, where it's hanging. It's a baggier style of a shirt- it's supposed to be baggy- does it look like it's supposed to be that way? Or does it look like I'm wearing a shirt that's too big? It's perfect for leggings. And it's comfortable. I want to learn how to make one that is more fitted in the armpits- but I haven't found a pattern yet. The thing that's nice about this pattern is the neck band is unfinished, it's kind of flouncy too, so it doesn't have to be PERFECT. I would like to try a finished band though and see how that turns out. Mike comes home- I'm all excited, I pose for him, and he gets this big smile/surprised look, "wow". "Do you like it?" He stares at the flower, points to it "what is this?" "a flower!" "oh. Why?" "BECAUSE THAT'S IN STYLE RIGHT NOW!" "Oh. Well, was it nice to sew?" "yeah it was". "That's good, I'm glad you could do that". Oh Mikey, he will get used to it though- he's already getting used to the headbands.

I want to find some striped fabric, and try some different neck lines, and pocket possibilities. Anyway- it was nice to sew, I haven't for awhile.


Courtenay Beth said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe that you MADE that?! I mean, of course I can, but holy smokes, it's BEAUTIFUL! I love it SO much! It looks like you would pay serious moolah for that top, I LOVE it, Love the neck line, Love the flower so much!!! Love you! You look so adorable! Ahhh, so cute!!! Let me know of you find some stripey knit, I'm looking for some! LOVE YOU! WAAAAY amazing good job!!!

Rebecca said...

Luuuuuuuuuuuv it. So impressed. 4 dollars. Wow. Steve likes it too by the way. Love you.

PS Loved the flower too.

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, Ames. I love it!!!! It looks fabulous! How amazing! Good job!

Elise said...

So did you make your own pattern or did you use a pattern. If so which one. I was looking at that shirt just the other day at GAP and loved it but like you said to much money. I don't want to copy you but I would love to have the pattern for one of those few days that I feel like sewing.

HeidiT said...

So cute! I can't believe you made that, you guys and your sewing abilities - so jealous. I LOVE the flower too.

Kristi M. said...

Wow! You are awesome at sewing. I am always amazed at those that can sew clothes. I love the neckline. I have a t-shirt with one that is similar and love the look. The flower is perfect too.

Sarah Peterson said...

I think it looks great! SO cute! The style of the large arm pits would be hard to get used to, I've never scene it. I think I like it though. It is kind of 80's like, yet modern. I love the flower you made!!