Sunday, September 19, 2010

Head Bands

I've already posted this on my other blog- I just wanted it in my creative space, cause eventually I will make a book and I want them in it. These are 3 headbands I made- thanks to my sister Danielle and Lizzie. Lizzie made headbands for her baby, so I learned how to do the flower from her, (but I ended up doing them a little different) and Danielle thought of making headbands for us, like the ones you see in the stores. SO- I went to Claire's, purchased 6 different styles, and bought plush suede fabric from Joann's, a pack of feathers for 1.99, and a pack of headbands from walmart for 2.45, and I made these awesome headbands that I love! (and then returned the claire's headbands) I wore this to church- I got so many compliments on my hair and the flower. It made me feel so good, because I can't do alot with my hair, and it's getting longer, and curlier! But not long enough to put it back or clip it back, so- it's so nice to have something to jazz up my hair. I LOVE IT! So many young women complimented it and asked to learn how to make it. I want to teach them how for mutual some time. k- sorry this is really braggy, but I'm really excited.

The green one- I love this one. I should make a green dress with a pink belt and wear pink shoes the color of the feather- that would be cool.
And, I didn't take a pic with the fuchsia one, cause you get the picture- but aren't they so fun? I have way more fabric and feathers, and headbands- so I'm going to make more, I just haven't gotten around to it. I'm really excited to make more though. I just have to figure out a way to store them, I don't want the flowers getting smashed.

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