Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ugly mis-matched frames

How do you make your wall look like an adult decorated it rather than a middleschooler? My husband and I got all our mis-matched frames (wooden, stained, plastic, metal, glass- everything) and we painted them a pale blue, painted the mats white, and had wedding pictures developed in black and white. We took down everything above the couch and made a collage. WE LOVE IT. When you paint the frames- the first coat will not paint very well. It will seem as though it is not working... blotchy. Let it dry, and your second coat will stick really well, and look great. I chose the matte finish, because I have a country shabby chic look to my home, but you can obviously do whatever finish you'd like. I would suggest doing all ONE color, or each a different color, not one the same. It needs to be unified, a package. This makes it look like you bought an expensive pack of frames. Martha Stewart gave a great suggestion for hanging frames. You stencil your frames onto brown grocery bags, cut them out, and tape them on the wall, in the arrangement you want. Then tack the nails, then hang the pics, then pull off the taped papers behind. It saved me from nailing a million holes, and moving a ton of pictures. This way I only had to move paper and tape. Much easier.


Danielle and Clayton said...

I know I've already seen all of these- but putting them in this package on this blog- seeing them all at once- you are SUCH A TALENTED WOMAN! Holy smokes. You are so amazing. It makes me want to go to DI right now and fix something up:) I love you

Rebecca said...

Great tips. I never knew the brown bag idea. I love those ideas. I wish you could come and visit and help me out. I am so lost with decorating.