Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New bedroom

Here is my new bed set. I made the 2 shams, 2 pillows, duvet cover, quilt and bench. I still need to make a bed skirt.

Here is a coffee table I got for 4 dollars at a garage sale. I'd always wanted a bench at the end of my bed but they're always atleast 50 dollars. My friend Sue suggested turning it into a bench. I painted the table, put padding on the top, covered it with fabric, and staple gunned the fabric to teh bottom. Totally easy, totally cute.

Now that I have cute bedding, I needed to remodel my ugly furniture. I found this top half of a hutch at Value Village, so I painted it and fastened it to a dresser the same width. I would have loved to paint it white, BUT my walls are white, (and since I live in an apt. can't paint the walls) so I painted the hutch a color, light green to match my bedding. But first- painted it white.

Would have been totally cute just white, but it disappears with the white walls.
So, I wanted it to look as shabby chic as I could so I bought some glass knobs from ebay.I also did a nightstand. I found the lamp at value village for 99 cents, and I covered the lamp shade with my quilt fabric.
I'd love to paint the rest of my furniture, but my husband doesn't want me to. One thing that at a time. I need to clean my room, and take a picture of the whole room now.


Sharon/mom said...

loved it all, this is a good idea!

Rebecca said...

It's so beautiful. I would love a post on how to paint. THat may seem simple to you, but is intimidating to me. I would love to paint some of my furniture but am clueless where to begin, the kind of paint, prepping, the tools, brushes or those gray spongy looking brushes. ect.ect.