Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chair so far:

I thought I'd add a printed piping to give it a little something since I'm just doing plain. Plus I figured if I did white piping, it would get dirty, and I wouldn't be able to wash it like I can with my slip covers.

I was almost finished with the cushion and ready to do the back pillow when ofcourse what happens? My sewing machine's timing is off- the needing is running into the metal bobbin holder instead of where it is supposed to go- uhhhhhhhh- so now I have to spend money to get it fixed, AND wait days to get it back while I stare at this chair, knowing the cushion was minutes away from being done. Uhhhhhh. Oh well, i figure I can paint the legs, and take apart the other chair while I wait. So frustrating.


Courtenay Beth said...

Ahhhh!I adore the piping!!!! It toally completed the look (I'm sure that the cushion and pillows will really complete the look :))
Love you!

Sharon/mom said...

love, love,love the piping!! Can't wait to see them in person!!

Kristi M. said...

The piping is absolutely awesome!!

Patty said...

Love the chair especially the piping..I cannot wait to start on my chairs..I have them torn apart but have not started the putting back together thing..and hopefully Paul will like the material I bought. by the way your hair is so really suits your face and your personality. have a great week.. bye now.