Tuesday, March 23, 2010

chair reuphostering- what colors?

I have cream couches, with the green big pillows. I will have 2 chairs to reupholster- what color?
I think this one would go nicely with the green- and I have frames in this color also-

these are 2 different yellows-

Next question- should I cover the chairs and big pillows on couch one neutral color of blue- and then do accent pillows in a print? that I can switch out? OR- Do a blue print on the chairs and match my big pillows with it? with mustard accent pillows? But then I'd be committed to those prints for awhile. OR- I can just do the chairs in the light blue that would match with what I already have- so confused! I'd love to do the chairs in mustard but Mike says absolutely not- it would be "barfalicious". But he said he could do mustard accent pillows in the corners- Help?


Kristi M. said...

Wow! Those are fantastic chairs! The lines on them are great. Where did you find them? My first thought was actually the mustard. The color is great. But the blue is really calming creating the opposite affect. I would probably go with the blue chairs, leave the couch as is and use the pillows that you have. Accent chairs are always somewhat different than the rest so that they can stand out. Mustard pillows would look good.

Lizzie said...

Those chairs are so so cool. I really like the blue you picked out the best. the first one. the rest, we'd just have to discuss on the phone. too hard on here.

HeidiT said...

I also love the lines of the chairs! Such a great find. I think you should do the chair as blue, either the one you picked or the darker one (blue would really pop in the room off of the cream of your couches) and then use the mustard as a pillow or two.