Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cricut machine

Well, after having Brooke's sister come over with her Cricut machine, it got me thinking..... -it can do so many amazing things, I was completely sold after using her machine, but I will get to that later- so they are originally 200 something- well, before Christmas Eve, they were on sale for 99 dollars, plus I have a business (Etsy) card- which gives you 10% off your total purchase at Joann's, (so if you have any kind of business, get one!) So that would bring down the Cricut to $90. So how could I get the mula? Well, I made some doll clothes, with matching outfits, made 50 off of that, then I got a surprise gift card to joanns from a sweet angel that took care of the rest- so off to Joann's I went- and I GOT---------- DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL- A CRICUT!!!!!!!! I don't even know where to begin- It is so amazing, I get anxiety trying to figure out how to explain to others how amazing it it, I just want to bear my testimony that it's perfect, and wish that everyone would just trust me and get one, because the list of how amazing it is, is SO LONG. Let me tell you a LITTLE bit about it. It looks like a printer, but it cuts. It can cut light and heavy cardstock, paper, vinyl with sticky backing (for signs) and bigger drum roll..... FABRIC. I've already been obsessed with signs, and go to the effort of actually painting on the letters myself, I already applique quilts, and I have recently picked up card making, so you can see why this machine was meant to be in my LIFE!

Each machine comes with 1 cartrigde. A cartridge comes with oh.... maybe 100 characters. There are "letter" cartridges, and "graphic" cartdiges, and some with a little of both. The cartridges are spendy- 90 dollars, but go on sale at Joanns for 40, plus, with my 10% coupon- that brings it down to 36. The machine comes with a letter cartridge, and a few symbols- flowers, hearts, stars.
WELL, I got some Christmas money, so I got the paper doll cartridge. You might wonder why I got the paper doll cartridge, since I dont' play with paper dolls.- well- Each paper doll (which is about 50)- comes with what is called "accesories" - so- the "cave girl" comes with dinosoars adn mountains- the "princess" comes with a castle- etc. So- really- in this cartridge you get alot more than what you ask for. Basically- you name it- this cartridge has it, graphic-wise. See, usually- if you want a snow man, you have to get the "winter cartridge" but the santa clause paper doll, has a snow man, etc. So really, if you get this cartridge, the only reason you'd need to get another is if you wanted a different style of lettering, but as far as graphics, this one covers anything you would want. Plus- the paper dolls! You can print them with or without tabs. It is REALLY COOL. So- my sister Lizzie is thinking about getting one, and since you can't look inside the pamphlet until you buy it- I took a picture of - I think every page- or almost every page- so you could see the accesories. so- here they are- OH YEAH- the cricut can cut as small as 1 inch- to as large as 5 1/2 inches. I did the letters and green flowers with my cricut: This is me testing it on fabric I don't care about- It cut out that heart perfectly, and then I adhered it to another fabric. Worked great. (that is the only way you can cut out fabric- is with a wonder under some adhesive backing to make it stiff, which is what you want anyway for applique

skeleton, paper doll, and wig-

this is what it looked like after I peeled it off the mat-

This is an example of how the paper dolls work- it will cut out all these individual things to make up a paper doll. Only there are 50 different kinds!
Different positions of face, and face expressions:


As you can see the paper doll is on the left, and the accessories are on the right:


Lizzie said...

I cannot imagine how long it took you to upload all of those pictures. Wow.

Thank you SOOOO much for posting all of that. I can't BELIEVE how many accessories it comes with. Was that a manger/baby Jesus scene? It has everything you could ever want. So cool. So do you just pick what you want and then choose the size you want? I have more questions...I'll have to call you while I look at your blog to ask you my questions. I love you. Thanks again.

Kristi M. said...

I have that Cricut machine. I bought it a couple of years ago after Thanksgiving. It has been tons of fun. I use it to cut the numbers for my advent calendars with the shadow. Saves me tons of time and money. Ask around if others have the machine and borrow cartridges. I've done that too. I had no idea about the business discount at Joann's. Can you use that with a coupon as well?

Penny Cluff said...

Wow, as far as creative, you leave me in your dust. Love.

Danielle said...

Looks awesome ames! I can just imagine all the stuff you'll do with it!

The Boman Family said...

Oh my gosh, I have the Cricut too and I LOVE it! I've had it for a year now and I use it nearly everyday. I also have the "Sure Cuts A Lot" software which, I have to say, is amazing! You can use ANY font on your computer and you can even custom create your own svg files to make anything you want. I used it all the time in YW for handouts and stuff but I also use it for cards, crafts and scrapbooking. I haven't tried fabric yet but I'll have to sometime. My mom just got the bigger cricut with the 12x12 mat. She's so lucky. Have fun with yours!