Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, on my chemo days I got sick of sewing, and Brooke's sister showed up just in time with the idea of making Christmas cards- So i got on a real card making kick- I'm not a card maker- well- my family knows I am a card maker in the fact that I make silly cards, but I'm not a cute card maker- so this was kind of strange for me- because I probably made over 30 cards. Before I knew it I was purchasing ink and rubber stamps- ( just 1 dollar at Joann's and Craft warehouse). THEN- I drew Marie's name (mom in law) for Christmas- not knowing what to get her for Christmas with so little money, Brooke gave me the great idea of making her cards! So these are some the cards I made her- they are birthday, "just a note" and "best friends" themed. Now I don't have a "nice" camera like all you richies out there :)- so imagine a nice fuzzy blur in the back round, with a magazine look to it :) By the way- alot of people are into chalk, for scrap booking and card stamping- WELL- I know I'm new at this- but I just used colored pencils and lightly colored it in- and I think it looks exactly the same- and it's alot less messy. Not to mention- cheaper.
I love the owl birthday ones- once again people- 1 dollar for these stamps!

These are the Christmas cards I made. I was able to do the "Let it Snow" with Brooke's sister's Cricut machine. So cool.
These are my old fashion looking ones- these were Mike's favorite:

And the elf ones- love them!- and all the sayings on the elf ones, I just made up and printed off the computer- this was before I got stamps-

I don't know why, but the elf ones remind me of my mom, I feel like she would really like them

Then for Christmas Brooke gave me this box to keep all my cards, in, and I got some different colored envelopes to make it more fun- and I decorated it. Having things decorated, even though it's just storage, makes it so much more fun:


Lizzie said...

Really cute. I have tons of card making stuff, but it's all messy in a huge cardboard box. Your supplies look so neat and tidy.

Sharon/mom said...

That looks like so much fun!! I can't wait to see it in real life. The cards are so cute! I am so impressed you posted allllll those pics! love you!!!

Danielle said...

SO CUTE! I love all of them! I love the box too. Soooo fun. You make me want to get into card making!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!