Thursday, June 26, 2008

Organizing the toys-

My mom has alot of toys for her grand babies, and they are all stuffed in a closet upstairs in a guest bedroom, that is not organized. Here are some pictures of the before:

We decided it would be best to put the toys downstairs where they all end up anyway, and keep them all in one place- in an armoire. I considered a downstairs closet- but I knew that it would end up being a "play house" and would never stay clean, the armoir was the best idea. Also- even though the guest room had that nice big closet for toys- it is a guest bedroom. Who wants kids running into their room while they are napping, still sleeping, or not wanting to be interrupted! Not to mention toys left behind randomly in the room through the whole process. The toys needed to be down stairs in one destination. The other nice thing about having it downstairs is: whenever the kids got the toys out- they would stay left out because nobody wanted to go upstairs to put them away, having the armoire RIGHT THERE- will make it much more motivational to get up and put the toys away. So VIOLA:

The basket at the top holds all the barbie stuff, the garbage looking can holds all the baby/house stuff, and the rest are organized into their categories, since then my mom has labeled everything. There wasn't room enough for one more item though: dress up clothes. So my mom has since purchased (don't have a pic though) of a cute tall basket with the lid, that will also go downstairs near the armoire. Now everything has a spot, it's downstairs- nobody has to run the Olympics to go get their child a toy! And nobody knows that there are toys in those baskets or armoire.


Grandma, Nonnie said...

Looks wonderful!!! Grandma

Sarah Peterson said...

I bet that makes it much easier to play!! I like your dress you made- it's very slimming! (or is it just that you are very slim ;)?) Love you

Megan and Greg said...

Amy this is cool. I've never seen this website before. What a nice way to see all your accomplishments. I LOVE your dress. And that head band. You looked so cute! And you took cool pics of your napkins. Very cool, Amy.

Sharon/mom said...

the toy thing is already working. Lauarlee's son came, played with the toys and his parents put them away when I wasn't even looking. They were almost exactly like we had them and they didn't even see how we had it originally because they were talking at the table when I got them out!!! Cool isn't it!!!