Thursday, June 26, 2008

More napkins

I got this butterfly print for a dollar a yard!
The stripe one below is what I sold at the Saturday Market last time for 15 dollars.

The stripe was a dollar a yard.

the one above and below were a dollar a yard!

the one below on teh right was a dollar a yard.
the napkins below on the left side I sold one set that was 12 and one set that was 18, (one had 4 napkins, one had 6)

the one above on teh right side was a dollar a yard!


Sharon/mom said...

I'm glad you did a before pic. I looooooovvvvvvveeeee!!!!!! the napkins. they are so hip, classy and beautiful. If you can just get in on a regular basis, I bet you will sell a lot. If people know you are always there I think it will help. I love the tags!! You are so creative and amazing!!

Danielle and Clayton said...

Mom is right- you are WAY creative and WAY amazing- you did SUCH a good job and I bet you make a major profit on those. I think moms right, the key is getting in every week. You are so awesome. I love ALL of the napkins! Are you aware that you have word verification?