Monday, October 4, 2010

Cards for the kids and cute story

SO- after I left Lizzie's house awhile ago- Kate had drawn me a picture that i forgot to bring home. So she sent it to me in the mail. SO cute. Anyway- so I thought I would write her back, since she was thoughtful enough to "write" me. So I made her a cricut card of me and her, (not posted, didn't take a pic) of realistic outfits we really would wear, along with hair, holding hands. WELL, turned out she loved it, and so she immediately "wrote" me again, so I would send her another card. When Tanner saw the card....:) haha- ofcourse he was inspired to write me a card in hopes that he would also get one in return, apparently the cards were out in the mail within 2 hours of getting my card. haha. So I got them this last weekend, and I made them these cards- I loved making them, and I have a feeling I will be getting another card from them shortly :) Rebecca, if you're reading this- I will do this for your girls too if they write me.
A funny note, I talked to kate on the phone and she said "all the clothes are ripped off", and I'm like- why? and she said- "I don't know". So I get on the phone with Lizzie, and she said Tanner and his friend ripped off all the clothes, hair, and asserories, and I think they might have ripped off the arms too, not sure about that though-when Kate wasn't around. It made Kate sad ofcourse, but it still made me laugh imagiing them thinking it woudl be so funny to take it all apart. Anyway- I'm thinking about bringing the cricut to the family reunion.


Courtenay Beth said...

these are soooo cute! you are such a fun auntie!!!

Danielle said...

SO CUTE! You are the best. No wonder they all love you so much!

amy said...

so if i write you will i get a card back like this?

If so can i have long golden hair and pants on my "person"? And i want your person to have furry boots on..

i can't wait.. what is your address?

Lizzie said...

Oh my goodness. They came yesterday in the mail and they LOVED LOVED LOVED them!!! They loved the packaging with all of the stickers, they loved getting mail, they loved ripping it open and they LOVED the cards. Those are the coolest cards I have ever seen. are those from your paper doll set too? It's amazing. Thank you for being such a great Aunt to my kids. They love you so much.