Friday, June 11, 2010

Mirror and side table

Ok- so the following was inspired by All things thrifty and then my sister Danielle (specific post on her project)

I needed a new mirror, and the end table- well, I just love furniture....! So with the help of All things thrifty and Danielle, I got KILZ2 primer, they suggested spray paint, but I have an apartment, so I painted it on. I didn't even have to sand paper ANYTHING! It was great! I just washed the furniture before I painted it.

Don't you LOVE the mirror?!!!!!! I just don't know what colors to do yet. I will either do the green that is my hutch, the blue that is on my frames, or introduce red! I have red flowers in my pillows, and I thought if I did red, it would make them pop. Mike is weary of the red, but he's weary of everything I do before I do it, and then he likes it in the end.

I'm also debating how I want to use them, the mirror over the table? (not ontop, just above it) so they go together- or- mirror by itself and table in between my blue chairs......

I've been needing a mirror, Nate and Brooke's cat accidentally broke our mirror, knocked it over. It was kind of funny, there were paw prints all over the area, just like Cinderella when the cat leaves his prints all over the floor- ok but the broken mirror part was really sad- because Mike and I made that mirror together....... :( So- Brooke bought us a beautiful mirror, a really nice one. But it wouldn't fit in this apartment, because there's a heater switch where we would put the mirror...... the mirror was REALLY BIG. SO- with my returning talent capabilities, I returned it, without a receipt- which is a shame, because like I said, it was a really nice mirror. And I have been on the search for a new mirror ever since. couldn't find one. Then to my lovely surprise, there was a garage sale on our street, with this beauty.

"How much?"


Hmmmmm.... I look around for other things that I want- I saw a GREAT cookie sheet, GREAT condition! And I said- I'll get it if you throw this in too.



Then I saw this table- how much?



The great thing is I could use the left over money from returning the mirror to buy supplies, guilt free. And all that supplies adds up quickly. The glaze alone was 15! yowsa! Plus primer, plastic sheet, etc. The good thing is- I can reuse all this stuff for other projects, the glaze will last me for many projects to come, same with primer, and the nicer brush I bought. It all worked out really perfectly.

ONE thing I did differently this time around- instead of using painters plastic, I got some vinyl from walmart for 99 cents a yard, and layed that down. It was cheaper, and heavier, and way more sturdy, stayed in place, didn't move when I walked on it. So I could lay it on my carpet without worrying about paint seeping through or ripping. I though it was pretty clever!

So- any opinions on colors? or where I should put them- I guess I probably should have put a picture of my room up....... right now it's covered in sheets..... maybe later I will take a pic to give you an idea.


Danielle said...

Wow- WAY clever idea about the vinyl- I HATE PAINTERS PLASTIC! K- score of a deal! I love the mirror! I've seen mirrors like that on decorating blogs a TON! That old style is WAY instyle right now with a good paint job. Good idea to just get the primer to paint on since you don't have a place to spray paint. The table looks like it will be really nice too. I love the knobby details ont he legs AND- way cool that there's like a shelf underneath the main table area. Very cool. Yeah....not quite sure where you should put things cause I have no idea what your room looks like!!! BUT- yeah. I don't know. What a shame though that the cat knocked that mirror down! Yowsa- that's nice that Brooke covered the cost though. Oh yeah- and that glaze, I was surprised by the cost too, but you seriously use barely ANY. It's gonna last me like...forever. So I think the cost is worth it. Lets see...I think you should only do the green if it's like on the other side of the room of the would be really interesting to see red in there- but it is kinda scary just cause that'd be three BOLD colors in your room. You know? Hmmmmmmm decisions decisions! So hard. I don't think I'd do the tab;e bue if you're putting it inbetween the blue chairs- but you probably already figured that. AHG! Could you just take a picture of the whole room uncovered and post it? Unless of course you've made your decision already:) LOVE YOU! I'm way excited to see everything!

Danielle said...

Wow- I had no idea that comment was that long!

Sharon/mom said...

that mirror is awesome!!! I love it! I love the table too! It's amazing how much difference paint makes. I want to do some of the furniture in our BH rentals, and some of our furniture. But I have much to do before that!! I think that is hilarious about Mike. Sounds like someone I know. I think Red would be fun, but I can't see the whole apartment. Red might stick out too much. And maybe the green would be better. Do what you want, it is small and would be easy to repaint if you don't like it. Love you!!!!

Courtenay Beth said...

i LOVE the mirror Amy, I am literally DYING to see it painted green and glazed!!! I love the shape of it, it's So classy, and will look AMAZING all glazed up and beautiful! I can't WAIT!!! I love you!