Friday, April 23, 2010

A dress for Kate

OK- so if you look on Lizzie's blog- she made some dresses for Kate, and I had never done shirring, so I thought I would try it. For your info- I did the scrunchy part! I didn't buy the fabric that way- that is what shirring is. Uhhhhhh. OK- the actual shirring part isn't hard- the part that is hard is determining how much the fabric is going to shrink, therefore determining how much fabric to use in the first place. Mine didn't turn out the same size as Lizzie's- I started with 42 inches- and after shirring it went to 22 inches. SO- I decided to use less fabric, I then started with 38, and then after shirring it, it was still 22 inches!!!!!!!!!!! AHhhhhhhhh. I messed with everything, tension, bobbin, stitch length, everything- Lizzie said she did the same thing- only she tried doing 36 inches- and hers still ended up being the same size as when she started out with 42! SO- the shirring part isn't hard- it's just exhausting and frustrating figuring out how to get it to the size you want. So hopefully this fits Kate! Or I'll be really sad. And this was all with fabric I had laying around! Nice to use up that random fabric.


Kristi M. said...

Love it! That is the exact same green fabric that I picked out to cover my lampshade. I really like it, Gunnar was feircely against it for some reason.

Lizzie said...

It's so so so cute Amy!!! I love it. I really do! Thank you so much. Kate will love it.

Sharon/mom said...

Amy, they are soooooo cute!!! You are amazing!! I love how you did it on the pockets too. Little kids looooovvvveeee pockets. Love you!! I guess I won't see you before you go, have a great time!